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Pam and Jeff’s Not Your Normal School Of Photography

Pam Farr — Contributions to photography… Pam Farr has been photographing professionally in a “Not Your Normal” way since 1984 when she first introduced her natural style of photography. It was an instant hit, and a “breath of fresh air” from the traditional formal (and stiff!) styles of portraiture.

Pam’s other innovations include her “whole family” approach to family photography and her unique and highly-useful session packages that have always been a “hit” with her clients.

In 1997, Pam, along with her husband Jeff, founded the Not Your Normal School of Photography to teach Pam’s highly successfully and innovative methods. Since then, Pam has trained over 3,000 professional photographers worldwide making her impact and influence on the entire industry quite profound and visible!

Jeff Farr — Claim to fame: Got Pam started in photography by giving her a camera!

Jeff’s also a marketing expert and largely responsible for putting Pam’s business, and the Not Your Normal School of Photography, “on the map.” He continues to teach his highly effective marketing techniques to Not Your Normal Photography® students and other small businesses worldwide.

Jeff’s been active in the publishing, advertising, and graphics arts industries since the 1970s. Past clients include “household names” like Quaker Oats, Time Life, and Sears, and many other companies large and small.

These days (when he’s not working the grill at The Farrm!), Jeff concentrates on producing educational and marketing pieces for The Not Your Normal School of Photography as well as producing internet marketing courses for local businesses. His clear and casual writing style makes learning easy and fun!

Jeff is also the author of the top selling book about canoeing in CanadaHow to Canoe in Canada, almost get killed by rapids, eaten by polar bears, have your blood sucked out by clouds of mosquitoes, and other fun stuff!

Coco, too — ambassador and inspiration here at The Farrm.

When we first rescued Coco she was 1½ years old and afraid of everything to the point where we thought we would have to give her up. That would have been a real dumb move because she turned into the most wonderful dog on the planet. It just took a little time, patience and a whole lot of love. Lesson learned and the corollary is with people starting their businesses. We all start out a little scared, but given the right “nurturing,” wonderful things can happen. We see it in our students over and over and that has become the best part of what we do here at the Not Your Normal School Of Photography!

The Not Your Normal School of Photography

A school is born It all started on a sunny winter day. Pam and I were propped up against the old tenant house out here at The Farrm. It’s one of my favorite “winter spots” because you’re shielded from the wind and aimed right at the sun so, even on cold days, it’s warm.

Pam and I got to talking about how important family photography is, and how very little good family photography exists — and when you find it — it’s expensive.

Then Pam dropped “the bomb” — she explained to me how anyone could get great pictures, just like the ones she takes, by following a few easy steps. On top of it, she said they wouldn’t need any expensive equipment. In fact, they could mostly use the stuff they already had lying around the house!

Naturally, this got my attention.

Being a book designer and consultant to authors and publishers, the idea of teaching Not Your Normal Photography® techniques got me wondering if I had a blockbuster right under my nose!

Well, as it turned out, Pam got so swamped with her photography business that we really didn’t have time to pursue the idea at the time. But we didn’t forget about it, and the next time we got a “break” we we put together a live seminar to teach Pam’s techniques.

In retrospect, that first seminar may have been a little “rough around the edges,” but it was still a great success. The attendees loved it, and Pam and I became confident that we had information of great value and the ability to communicate it clearly. It was then we decided to start our little “school” for real…

Teaching the pros shortly after that first seminar, I wrote the now classic book, “The Secret of Making $2,970.00 In One Weekend Photographing People and Pets” and we ran our first dinky little classified ad in American Photographer Magazine.

Frankly, that first ad was a “test” and we didn’t expect much of a response, but the book, and the course based on it, was an instant success. Both are still available in up-to-date versions and continue to help and inspire photographers who want to be in the business of photographing people and pets!

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