Are you a past  NYN Photo School student?

Hi!… if you’re a past NYN student, or you’re looking for the course materials that were at, they are here. Pam and I have consolidated all of our web sites into one site so we could manage things more easily… and scale back our activities. Although Pam and I are not officially “retired” ~ I don’t like the idea of that! ~ we aren’t taking on new students at this time.

We did, however, want to continue to make the NYN Photo School materials ~ and any future upgrades and additions ~ available to past students of our paid courses.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t move all of the user accounts and passwords from the old sites, so we will need to manually set up a new account for you.

To get access, simply fill out the form below. You will get a use name and password via e-mail, however, you won’t be able to access the course materials until we set up your account. Please be somewhat patient. Rest assured we will get you set up in reasonable amount of time, but it may not be “immediately!”…

Course Access Request

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