The Online Magazine Business Model

Magazine publishing has been the base for many offline business empires. It’s a great business model except that it’s expensive to start, can take some time to be profitable, and offline magazines are a lot of work to keep going.

A big yuck for an Off The Grinder.

Online, however, all of that turns around with digital “magazines.” They are easy to create with little or no start up costs, can be maintained by leveraging other people’s work,  and done right, they can be very profitable.

“Done right” is the trick, and fortunately, if you’re interested in this type of of business, there’s a “done right” blueprint from someone who knows the business and good at teaching it.

So, if you’re looking for a business model that can take care of your financial needs without overly impacting your lifestyle, check out this video for more details (special note — the video presentation on this may be a little tedious, but the course is good if this type of business interests you. We bought it, we use it.).

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