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Jewelry Making Resources

bf-jewelry-cover-200wThe following is a current resource guide and list for the book How to make fine art jewelry using fabric, found objects, and other creative materials by Bill Farr

Items and Tools used in Tutorials

NOTE: Most items can be found at or


Hafele cloth backed felt sheets…

Double face masking tape (I use white) —available at office supplies stores,Walmart, and Amazon.

Dry Iron (mini “quilting” dry iron)…

Epoxy 330 — Used for gluing — 2 bottles, 1 bottle resin and 1 bottle hardener…

“Colores” added to epoxy comes in a range of colors…,

Mounting Board… Your fabric is mounted on 6-ply Crescent mat board, item number is C1536

Half drilled cultured freshwater pearls in various sizes (4mm used in tutorial)…
Other sizes, colors and shapes

Polishing Cloths
To use after cutting and filing tubing to smooth the edges…
Sunshine cloths, a soft non-scratch cloth the cleans and brightens sterling…,

Prisma colored pencils… Art supplies, craft stores, Amazon and some office supply stores.

ScotchGard… A 3M protective spray that has a clear coating that will not alter the color or change the appearance of the fabric. It’s available at any supermarket or hardware store.

available at office supplies stores, fabric stores, Walmart, and Amazon.


Soldering Iron…, home improvement stores, electronic stores, Walmart, and Amazon

Steam-A-Seam… Available at fabric stores and Amazon

Sterling silver jump rings in various sizes…

Sterling silver tubing in various sizes (5.5 mm. outside dimension used in tutorial)

Sterling silver deadsoft rectangle wire (4 x 1mm used for the frames in the tutorials)…

Sterling Silver.028 Wire… used as studs for mounting items such as pearls…

X-Acto knife and #11 blades…, Also available at craft stores, art supplies, office supplies, home improvement stores, Walmart and Amazon