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Now, in case you’re wondering exactly what and where a “Dark Park” is, let me tell you the story..

It all started back in 2001, and just like in the 2001 movie, I ran into a huge monolith…

OK, actually it was John Chappell — world’s finest reporter — who works for The Pilot here in The Sandhills of North Carolina.

John was telling me about a curious event — how, on one fine day in October, he had noticed little “star signs” around Moore County, North Carolina.

Being the reporter that he is, John traced these signs to a “star party” that was going on near the Northern Moore County town of Robbins.

Turns out, this particular area has some of the darkest skies on the eastern seaboard, and once a year, people come from all over the country to camp out, set up telescopes of every imaginable variety, and observe the night skies!

This event also caught the attention of Mickey Brown, the Mayor of Robbins at the time. Intrigued by the possibilities, and recognizing what a great asset the dark night sky is for the community, he proposed creating an area where light pollution would be kept at a minimum.

Several months later, I was once again having an insightful conversation with John Chappell — world’s finest reporter — when he mentioned the idea about creating a preserve for the night sky, and said it was sort of like a “Dark Park.”

Well, the name stuck, and here we are — an idea and a park has been born!

So where is Dark Park? At the moment, there are no “official” boundaries, but basically, it’s the area surrounding Carthage and Robbins in Moore County North Carolina. It is my hope, however, that the ideas and inspiration of Dark Park will spread worldwide.

It’s very doable, and the idea is a simple one — keep the lights on earth from polluting the heavens and obscuring our view of the rest of the universe! The technology exists, the solutions are simple, and in the future, I’ll be posting more information about this on this site.

But for the moment, I also want you to know that there’s a lot more to Dark Park than simply encouraging preservation of the night sky.

Dark Park is also a “place” and a “mechanism” through which we can all share the INSPIRATION that comes from observing the heavens above. Which is why I hope you will join us, no matter where you are.

You see, to look up and wonder is a common bond of all people.

And perhaps it is with this shared bond, that we can all come together, and aspire to higher achievement.

And maybe, just maybe — by being constantly reminded that there is something out there much greater that us — we will begin to set aside our petty differences here on Earth.

Worth a try — join us!

Yours for bright stars on a dark velvet sky,

Jeff Farr

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