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Introduction to e-mail marketing

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Marketing 202: E-Mail Marketing
Module 1 E-Mail Marketing+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 Introduction to e-mail marketing
Unit 3 Understanding the Psychology of E-Mail
Unit 4 Understanding The Mechanics of E-mail
Unit 5 Understanding The Legalities of E-mail
Unit 6 Spam is what the user thinks it is
Module 2 Creating Opt In Lists+
Unit 1 Getting Permission To Use E-mail For Commercial Purposes
Unit 2 Getting People To Want Opt In
Unit 3 Managing And Automating The System
Unit 4 Setting up an opt in form
Module 3 Campaigns and Content+
Unit 1 Choosing A Format
Unit 2 Getting Past The Spam Filters
Unit 3 Creating A Campaign
Unit 4 Creating Content
Unit 5 Get Started