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Introduction to Internet Marketing

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Marketing 200: Website Building
Module 1 Introduction+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 Introduction to Internet Marketing
Module 2 Your Online "Turf"+
Unit 1 Staking Out Your Online “Turf”
Unit 2 Two Critical “Domain” Things
Unit 3 Selecting A Domain Name
Unit 4 Registering A Domain Name
Unit 5 Parking and UnParking A Domain Name
Unit 6 Hosting Your Site
Module 3 Designing Your Site+
Unit 1 The Four Main Components Of A Web Site
Unit 2 Structural Basics
Unit 3 Selecting A Structure
Unit 4 Cosmetics
Unit 5 Resources For Ideas
Module 4 Building Your Site+
Unit 1 Select The Right Method
Unit 2 Tips On Hiring A Professional
Unit 3 Browser-based Site Builders
Unit 4 Content Management Systems
Module 5 Wordpress+
Unit 1 Introduction to Wordpress
Unit 2 Installing Wordpress
Unit 3 The Dashboard
Unit 4 Plugins
Unit 5 Initial Settings
Unit 6 Security and Back Ups
Unit 7 Managing Users
Unit 8 Designing Your Wordpress Site
Unit 9 Understanding Content Types
Unit 10 Adding Posts and Pages
Unit 11 Managing Media
Unit 12 Adding Images
Unit 13 Adding Video and Audio
Unit 14 Navigation
Unit 15 Widgets
Unit 16 Maintenance