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Saved by a Buck

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Stories by Jeff
Module 1 Almost Busted+
Unit 1 Surrounded!
Unit 2 Caught in a Cornfield
Unit 3 Hazards of Hitching
Unit 4 Seed Smuggling
Unit 5 Saved by a Buck
Unit 6 The Head Crash Party
Unit 7 Deviled Lake
Unit 8 Up In Smoke
Unit 9 but... it's Wheeling!
Unit 10 Blink Light Night
Unit 11 A Reassuring Mouse
Unit 12 Lost In The Sand
Unit 13 No Mas Cervesas
Unit 14 Walk The Line
Module 2 Travels+
Unit 1 There’s No Place To Hide
Unit 2 In Search of the Green Parrot
Module 3 Misc+
Unit 1 How We Did It
Unit 2 Bosom Buddies
Unit 3 Bunny In The Well
Unit 4 Coincidence
Unit 5 Radioactive!
Unit 6 It's A Chevy!
Unit 7 Jeep vs...