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Marketing 203: Search Engine Marketing
Module 1 Introduction to SEM+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 Introduction to SEM
Module 2 Keywords+
Unit 1 Why Keywords Are Important
Unit 2 Finding The Right Words
Unit 3 High Traffic vs. Long Tail Search Terms
Unit 4 Getting Started With Keywords
Unit 5 Keyword Tools
Unit 6 GKP Introduction
Unit 7 GKP Keyword Search Types
Unit 8 GKP Keyword Ideas
Unit 9 GKP Downloading Lists
Unit 10 GKP Customizing Estimates
Unit 11 GKP Search Volume
Unit 12 GKP Expanding Ideas
Unit 13 "Extra Credit" (e-book downloads)
Module 3 Search Engine Marketing+
Unit 1 To be continued...