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Define Your Obstacles

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Module 1 Introduction+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 N.Y.N.B.A.
Unit 3 Design It Right...
Unit 4 Your Lifestyle
Unit 5 Your business
Module 2 Business Setup+
Unit 1 Naming Your Business
Unit 2 Legal Entities
Unit 3 Business License
Unit 4 Tax ID Numbers
Unit 5 Sales Tax
Unit 6 Business Insurance
Unit 7 Personal Insurance
Unit 8 Banking
Unit 9 Accounting
Module 3 Business Building+
Unit 1 Build Your Dream
Unit 2 Go For The Gold
Unit 3 Define Your Obstacles
Unit 4 Build Your Business
Unit 5 Company Goals and Values
Unit 6 Positioning
Unit 7 Develop your USP(s)
Unit 8 Control The Pace
Unit 9 Recognize lifetime value
Module 4 Personal Management+
Unit 1 Focus
Unit 2 Regular spaced learning
Unit 3 Learn to manage time
Unit 4 Know your weaknesses
Unit 5 Stay in shape
Unit 6 Stop making excuses
Module 5 Operations+
Unit 1 Weekly planning session
Unit 2 Use systems, procedures, and policies
Unit 3 Don’t be afraid to turn down work
Unit 4 Work only with “good” clients
Unit 5 Train your clients
Unit 6 Beware The Overhead Monster
Unit 7 Keep good records
Unit 8 Watch the numbers
Unit 9 Backup suppliers and equipment
Unit 10 Outsourcing
Unit 11 How to smooth out seasonality
Unit 12 Dealing With “December Madness”
Unit 13 The Total Freedom Business