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Unused Units
Module 1 Test+
Unit 1 Home Studio Course Outline
Unit 2 Printing Quick Start
Unit 3 The Neuroscience of Marketing
Unit 4 The True Secret to Success
Unit 5 Baby Bouncer Swipe File Additions
Unit 6 Drip Test
Unit 7 Pumpkin Farmer “gets it”
Unit 8 Mac or PC?
Unit 9 Choosing a Computer Monitor for Photographic Editing
Unit 10 PRESETS — How to Download items for Photoshop's Presets
Unit 11 Keyboard Shortcuts
Unit 12 Testing
Unit 13 Fonts, Fonts, and more fonts
Unit 14 selling fine art
Unit 15 School Photography Promo
Unit 16 An Update on InfoPaks
Unit 17 The Infopak Mailing Example
Unit 18 Manufacture’s Instructions for Interfit Stellar Studio Flash
Unit 19 Photoflex litedome
Unit 20 High definition digital
Unit 21 How To Choose A Studio Lighting System
Unit 22 what is “usable?”
Unit 23 Sensor Cleaning
Unit 25 Proper Care and feeding of memory cards
Unit 26 All about f-Stops and Apertures
Unit 27 Field of View
Unit 28 Will enhanced security destroy your camera, film or digital media?
Unit 29 Mid-range digital cameras
Unit 30 Superlite® Backdrop Tips
Unit 31 Creative use of the Superlite® floor runner
Unit 32 Plastic
Unit 33 Creating A Permanent Studio
Unit 34 Will Your Photos Land You In Jail?
Unit 35 Staying Inspired and “On Track”
Unit 37 Total freedom on the road continued...
Unit 38 Sequential autoresponders
Unit 39 Total freedom on the road...
Unit 40 Should your software run online or off?
Unit 42 The right track to wealth
Unit 43 From home based to no base
Unit 44 Additional Studio Lighting Items
Unit 45 “Enough is enough”
Unit 46 Being broke is no excuse!
Unit 47 Studio Lighting
Unit 48 Keeping your “edge”
Unit 49 Helping People Look Their Best
Unit 50 Building A Header For The Browser-based LOMA Site Builder
Unit 51 Secret #22 — Use a computer and use it for what it’s good for (besides editing photos!)
Unit 52 The Ultimate Secret
Unit 53 Do a survey
Unit 54 Leave no stone unturned...
Unit 55 Studio Course Introduction
Module 2 Business Setup+
Unit 1 Should you require deposits?
Unit 2 Free money
Unit 3 Contact Management
Unit 4 Fax through internet
Unit 5 Location
Unit 6 Tax Deductions
Unit 7 Keeping track of your money
Unit 8 Should you take credit cards?
Module 3 Promontions and niches+
Unit 1 The Bose Letter
Unit 2 Turn yourself into a “rackable,” wholesale product
Unit 3 BMI networking or notworking?
Unit 4 Instant Results Marketing
Unit 5 Halloween Promotion Ideas
Unit 6 Segmenting With Surveys
Unit 7 Your Best Lead
Module 4 Posing and Props+
Unit 1 Session Planning Kit Printable Forms
Unit 2 Superior Pet Fur
Unit 3 French Fries Up Your Nose!!!
Unit 4 “What should I wear?”
Unit 5 Are you looking at me?
Module 5 Production+
Unit 1 Animoto
Module 6 misc+
Unit 1 Power Pack Files
Unit 2 Power Pack Instructions
Unit 3 Power Pack Sales Letter
Unit 4 Kiva
Module 7 Wordpress and Web+
Unit 1 Add A Favicon To Your Web Site
Unit 2 How To Put A Border Around Your Photos Online
Unit 3 Wordpress Notes
Unit 4 Page Builder
Unit 5 Setting Up Your Wordpress Site For SEO
Module 8 SEO+
There are no units in this module.