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Scanning Prints

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Printing, Production, Display
Module 1 Workflow+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 Keywording Photos
Module 2 Color Management+
Unit 1 Basic Concepts
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Camera Settings
Unit 4 Image Editor Settings
Unit 5 Printer Driver Settings
Unit 6 Calibrated Monitors
Unit 7 Work Area
Unit 8 Soft Proofing
Module 3 Printing+
Unit 1 How To Choose A Printer
Unit 2 All About Printing Paper
Unit 3 Selecting Printing Media
Unit 4 13x19 Paper Versatility
Unit 5 Making Wallet Size Prints
Unit 6 Media Tests
Unit 7 Printing With Accuracy
Unit 8 Production Printing
Unit 9 Uncurl Your Prints
Unit 10 Printing Extreme Crops
Unit 11 Prints On Canvas
Unit 12 Print On Anything
Unit 13 Notes
Module 4 Displays+
Unit 1 Identify Your Work
Unit 2 Protective Coatings
Unit 3 Lamination Tips
Unit 4 Sure Mount
Unit 5 Perfect Mount
Unit 6 Easy Framing Wire
Unit 7 Literature Holders
Unit 8 Frame Protection
Unit 9 The “Best Light”
Module 5 Products+
There are no units in this module.
Module 6 Digitizing Your World+
Unit 1 Going ALL Digital
Unit 2 The War On Paper
Unit 3 Scanning Film
Unit 4 Scanning Prints
Unit 5 Video Conversion
Unit 6 Audio Conversion
Unit 7 Mass Storage
Unit 8 Long-Term Storage
Module 7 Computers and Software+
There are no units in this module.