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Knowing When To Push The Button

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Studio Lighting
Module 1 Introduction+
Unit 1 Title Page
Unit 2 The Power of Good Enough
Unit 3 Don't Work Backwards
Module 2 Cameras and Lenses+
Unit 1 Capturing Images
Unit 2 Choosing A Camera
Unit 3 Lenses
Module 3 Lights+
Unit 1 Controlling the Light
Unit 2 How Studio Strobes Work
Unit 3 Building A Lighting System
Module 4 Backgrounds+
Unit 1 Removing background clutter
Unit 2 Choosing A Background
Unit 3 White Backdrops
Unit 4 Black Backdrops
Unit 5 Background Stands
Unit 6 Keeping Your Backdrops Clean
Module 5 Location+
Unit 1 Finding A Location
Unit 2 Dealing with common location problems
Unit 3 Tour of Pam's Studios
Unit 4 Alternative Studios
Unit 5 Equipment Checklist
Module 6 "Set It And Forget It"+
Unit 1 "Set It And Forget It" Lighting — Introduction
Unit 2 Lighting White Seamless Backdrop Paper
Unit 3 The Third Backdrop Light
Unit 4 Lighting The Superlite® White
Unit 5 Black Backdrop
Unit 6 Calculating Exposure
Unit 7 Setting Up Your Camera
Unit 8 How to connect your camera to studio flash
Unit 9 Fine Tuning
Module 7 Other Technical Considerations+
Unit 1 Helping adults look their best
Unit 2 Technical considerations while photographing
Unit 3 Knowing When To Push The Button