Not Your Normal School

About The NYN School of Photography

Pam Farr began photographing professionally in a “Not Your Normal” way in 1984 when she introduced her natural style of photography. It was an instant hit, and a “breath of fresh air” from the traditional formal (and stiff!) styles of portraiture that were prevalent at the time.

Pam’s other innovations included her “whole family” approach to family photography. Her unique and highly-useful session packages were also a “hit” with her clients.

Jeff Farr, Pam’s husband, got Pam started in photography.

He is also responsible for building and growing Pam’s business.

Jeff has been active in the publishing, advertising, and graphics arts industries since the 1970s. Past clients include large corporate “household names” plus many other companies large and small.

Jeff is also the author of How to Canoe in Canada, almost get killed by rapids, eaten by polar bears, have your blood sucked out by clouds of mosquitoes, and other fun stuff!

In 1997, Pam and Jeff founded the Not Your Normal School of Photography to teach their professional photography and marketing techniques. The school was an instant success and they went on to train over 3,000 professional photographers worldwide making their impact and influence on the entire industry profound and visible!

The Not Your Normal Photography Business Success Course was originally a printed course consisting of over 1,000 pages. It is now online along with 15 years of newsletters, additions, and updates. It is currently closed to new students.