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Free Introductory Photography Business Course

FREE 6-part e-course — Get Started In The Business Of Photographing People And Pets

Get a solid foundation on what it takes to start a profitable photography business that allows you to live a fun, creative, and profitable lifestyle.

This is a FREE course and a recommended prerequisite to taking the Not Your Normal Photography Business Success Course.

This course includes modules on how to pick lucrative markets, how to choose a business model that fits your lifestyle, acquiring the right equipment for a minimum investment, how to develop a style that sells, how to market yourself effectively and more.

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The Not Your Normal Photography© Business Success Course

The Business of Photography — Since 1997, the professional Not Your Normal Photography® Courses have been the leading courses for aspiring and working pros alike (special note — if you’re not interested in doing this as a business, see the non-business studio photography course descriptions below!).

The Photography Business Success Course is what you’ll want on your side if you decide to get into the business of photographing people and pets, or you’re already in business, and want to accelerate or expand your results. This is a complete course on studio style photography and the business of it… in a “Not Your Normal” way, of course!

For full description, use the learn more link below.

Special note — The Not Your Normal Photography Business Success Course is a complete package that includes the Studio Photography Course and the Swipe Files in addition to extensive business materials on everything from marketing, to setting up a business, to “getting your thinking right,” and much more.

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The Not Your Normal Photography® Studio-Quality Photo Course

For The Enthusiast (non business) Photographer — Learn to take professional, studio-quality photographs of people and pets worth at least $997 a session at home, on location ~ or ~ in a dedicated studio if you have one!

Special note — You do not need a large or dedicated room or expensive equipment to take pro-quality studio shots. As you’ll discover, the Not Your Normal Photography “studio” sets up quickly, stores easily, and works in just about any normal sized room.

In the Not Your Normal Studio Photography Course you’ll learn to take the same quality photos people pay professionals $997 and UP to get. Rest assured no prior photographic experience is needed to get started. If you want to unleash the creative genius inside you and — amaze your friends and family — this is the perfect way to do it!

It is also a great way to get professional quality photos of friends and family at a fraction of the cost of having done at a pro studio all while having fun doing it!

Special note — this course will teach you how to “shoot like a pro,” and it is the same course over 3,000 aspiring pros have taken to hone their craft, but it does not cover all the skills needed to start and operate an effective business. If are interested in doing this as a business you’ll want want to enroll in the Photography Business Success Course described above.

By the way, if you take the Studio Photography Course and suddenly find that your neighbors, friends, and co-workers start begging you to take photos of them and their families (many people get started in business exactly this way!!!) you can easily upgrade to the Business Success Course.

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The Not Your Normal Photography© Swipe Files

The Fine Art of Swiping — The Swipe Files are an important companion resource to the Studio Photography Course. In fact, we’ve been frequently told that the Swipe Files are worth the cost of the all the courses combined!

Why?… they are “secret sauce” for consistent studio-style success. Working photographers know that good session planning and pose selection leads to great photos and the Swipe Files give you the tools and resources you need to plan and conduct your sessions smoothly and effectively.

Special note — The Swipe Files are not offered separately. The are included with the Deluxe version of the Studio Photography Course and the Photography Business Success Course.

Online Posing and Photos Session Planning Resource >>> Learn More

About the Online Photography Courses

For over 10 years, the Not Your Normal Photography® Courses were offered in a printed version and the full deluxe business course was truly an “armload.”

During those years, print was most certainly the best way to deliver the large amount of image-rich information contained in the courses.

And yes, there is a Not Your Normal School of Photography FOREST which was originally planted to be harvested for paper pulpbut thanks to modern digital online technology — it can now continue in it’s role as nature preserve!

Digital Online Multimedia Courses

The printed NYN photography course was fairly massive — over 30 pounds — and shipping was expensive, especially for our International students. In fact, a few years back, one expedited course shipment to the other side of the world cost $550!!!

The courses have also grown to the point where printing and shipping all of the information no longer makes much sense from a practical or ecological standpoint. Even at 30lbs., the print versions are only a small subset of what’s available on our member web site.

More than just saving trees…

Faster Internet speeds and generally better technology has allowed to greatly expand and improve the courses over the printed versions. With the online versions, we can add videos, more graphics, more photo examples, links to resources, and more. And the items that are helpful to have printed like lighting diagrams and other “core” materialscan still be printed as needed. But I think one of the biggest benefits of these newer versions is the ability to continuously update and expand the materials…

Living, breathing, versions

A while back, I purchased a photography book from a well known author you would probably recognize, and what struck me, was how much of the information was already out of date. And that’s the problem with print, or any physically-delivered materials that deal with rapidly changing technology or ideas, they just can keep up.

That is why we think of the online courses as “living and breathing” versions that are continuously updated and expanded. Unlike physically delivered materials that take up space and get older and more out of date every day, the online versions stay fresh and current. And accessible

Anywhere, anytime

In past years, we’ve heard stories about our students lugging around the huge manuals that came with the printed courses so they could learn while traveling or at work.

With the online editions, you can save your weight training for the gym.

All of the online digital photography courses can be can accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. And that’s a great benefit… you can take the course in small chunks from just about anywhere and anytime, so enroll, enjoy — just use the links above to access full descriptions of current offerings.