Off The Grind

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine designed in Photoshop by Pam Farr
Resource for Hanging Heart Brush ~ designed by fall3nxstar ~

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Happy Valentine’s Day… do you truly love what you’re doing? If so, you are one of the few.

A recent survey reported only 19% of workers were satisfied in their jobs. That leaves 81% of the population with less-than-total-love for activities that take up a major portion of their lives… aka “work.”

And the harsh truth is, most people do not have enough self-love to do much about it. Rather than controlling their destiny they let “circumstances” dictate it to them.

For sure, it’s not always an easy task to identify your passion and “make it happen.” And sometimes you’re chasing a moving target. But putting some thought into what makes you “feel the love” is the key to making every day a “Valentine’s Day,” and a worthy exercise to undertake.

The money thing

I am sure you’ve heard the old “do what you love to do and the money will come” advice.

It’s a nice idea, but it’s some of the worst advice ever given and it has put many people on the path to non-success by making them think they can ignore the “money thing.”

Making money is like anything else, you have to learn how, and no amount of “loving what you’re doing” will magically make you have a financial success. Accidents do happen, but the only sure way to Perpetual Valentine’s Day Bliss is to meld your passion with solid business skills.

One Step At A Time

I think it was one of those poet guys who said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Actually, it was Chinese philosopher Laozi, but regardless, I was reminded of this idea in a Christmas card Pam and I received. The message read, “Just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for all you’ve given me through the Not Your Normal Photography® program these past 6 years. I would not be where I am today without you guys! …Photographer, thanks to you!”

I’ve been keeping the card with my computer to keep me on track with one of things I love doing… helping people live a fun, creative, and profitable life.

Now, Pam and I would certainly like to take full credit for being an indispensable ingredient to someone’s success, but that’s never really the case. We do, however, provide an important function, and that is to encourage people to take that first step to whatever they love doing and keep them walking so sometimes, even years later, ~ well ~ we get cards, letters, and e-mails, and for us, that is were the love in our business exists. Without that, it would just be work.

In recognition

Love is a powerful thing, and recognition is one of the most powerful forms of it.

Wars are fought over it. Employees crave it over money. And in daily life, providing recognition to those around you ~ a simple comment works wonders ~ is the number one tool for leaving a trail of happiness in your path.

In the creative world, recognition is often the ultimate reward for the artist. It is why Pam always delivered the photo session packages in person. She wants to experience the client’s love for her work, and the love for family that her work generates for the client. The money is a necessary part of the deal, but in many ways, it is simply further recognition. When someone happily pays for a photo session, you know you have provided a valuable service and they truly “love your work.”

Being in business as an artist is, therefor, very much about extending recognition beyond a small circle of family and friends.

It is the business that allows you to engage in what you love uninterrupted, and let the love ~ recognition ~ flow in from an expanding base of clients.

True Love

Although it should be an ongoing process Valentine’s Day ~ or week ~ is the perfect time to consider or reconsider what you truly love doing.

And unless you’re already independently wealthy, it’s a great time to sort out which activities may be sustainable as a business… to start fresh, or to add to your current mix of products and services. Make a commitment to give it a try… love dissipates without a commitment to it. Get the information you need… love may be blind, but you don’t have to proceed in the dark. But most of all, get started moving away from what inspires you not, and towards what does, for love is lost with every moment of delay.