Off The Grind

None of this would be possible without them…

Veterans Day 2013…

A few years ago I was flying home and scheduled to change planes in Philadelphia. A big storm, however, had shut down the entire airport and all flights were canceled.

I was stuck.

Fortunately, the airline put me in room downtown ~ and and since my rescheduled flight didn’t leave until the afternoon ~ I had some time to explore.

Sometimes it’s good when things go “wrong.”

In this case, my flight delay allowed me to discover a simple inscription on a half-buried stone. It affected me enough that I made sure I memorized it…

“Freedom is a light for which many men died in darkness. Beneath this stone lies a soldier in Washington’s Army who died for your freedom.”

At Off The Grind, we are all about achieving “freedom”… the ability to craft our own lives the way we see fit.

As we take that journey, let us not forget the people who laid the foundation for our freedom… our veterans.

And let us honor the future veterans who continue to fight for our ability to live free.

Thank you. You may be unknown, but not forgotten… from Off The Grinders everywhere.