Off The Grind

Seven Steps To Freedom?

Greetings fellow “off the grinders”…

And welcome to the beginning of the Off The Grind web site and this “charter edition” premiere first-ever initial starting post!…

It’s been a while since I read the classic book Seven Steps To Freedom by Benjamin Suarez, but I recall reading about Benjamin working late at night writing ad copy while everyone else is out having a “good time.”

The payoff, of course, was freedom. Benjamin Suarez was willing to put in the “thankless” up front work in order to gain the lifestyle he wanted.

As I write this first blog post ~ and do the web building “grunt work for” ~ I am reminded of what it actually takes to get yourself “off the grind,” and I would narrow the seven step formula to one all-important step>>> the willingness to take action ~ to get things done ~ to “work” when there are other activities that might be more “fun” at the time.

There is, however, nothing more fun than being able to control your life and do what you want.

And if you’re willing to do the up front work like Benjamin Suarez ~ sometimes without much immediate reward ~ the lifestyle freedom most people only dream about can be yours.

As I write this, I am celebrating my 33rd year of jobless living, and my 23rd year of being truly “Off The Grind.”

It is my hope, through this website, to help others do the same.

So, more to come. Much more.

Meanwhile, if you can find a copy of the original Seven Steps To Freedom by Benjamin Suarez, it’s a  worthy read. Some of the methods may be dated, but the principles are not.

Second best (the original edition of this book is hard to find), would be Seven Steps To Freedom II. Although I prefer the original, both are great books that influenced me at an early age.

And be sure to stop back here!

As I said, more to come, and we would be delighted to have you with us on the journey forward!

Yours for Off The Grind Living,

Jeff Farr