Off The Grind

The Power Breakfast


I was never a revolutionary, but somewhere back in the 1960s-70s I read a book that said, “revolutionaries always eat a good breakfast”… because you need the strength and energy. Good advice. I took it ~ but ~ I hate making breakfast and wasting time eating it.

So I developed what is now the…

Incredible Off The Grind Super Duper Power Breakfast

I have been eating a version of this for decades and I’m still alive, so it must work. And I can whip this up in less than 5 minutes, and slug it down quickly if the need arises.

You’ll also find the ingredients on many nutrition “super food” lists.

Here’s the formula (it’s not a exactly science and you can use a variety of ingredient substitutes and adjust portions to your appetite)…


This is an oatmeal-based formula, but other cereal grains will work. Oatmeal, however, is one of the best breakfast grains, and any case, you’ll want to use a whole grain variety. I use Organic Quick Oats. Quick is important unless you want to make a big deal out cooking.

I use a little over 1/4 cup of dried oatmeal.


Almonds supposedly have some benefits including anti-cancer properties. I get the whole raw ones, in bulk, 25 pounds at a time. I store the main load in the freezer and take out small quantities as needed.

I throw in about 10 almonds in with the oatmeal


Another good nut, high in Omega 3s. As with the Almonds, I get them in bulk, 25 pounds at a time, but I don’t get the expensive whole-halfs kind. The raw bits and pieces are fine. All of the nuts store well in the freezer.

I put a small handful walnuts, about the same bulk as the almonds, into the mix.


Another supposed super food, but also from grapes that are known for pesticide residue. I get the organic kind.

I put a small handful into the mix.


High in Omega3s, flax can also make you an efficiently regular person. I use about a heaping teaspoon of the whole organic variety.

It’s showtime!

Mix and Add Water

Stir up the above ingredients and add some water. How much will depend on how thick you want the final result to be and this may take some experimenting and experience.

And alternative to water would be juice. That can add some extra flavor, but it also adds simple sugars which may or may not work for you.

Cook it in the Microwave

You can use other methods of cooking, but if you want quick and easy, the micro is the way to go. This may also take some experimenting. I use about 2 minutes, but the amount of water, the desired consistency, the power of the microwave, the temperature of the room, and the temperature of the ingredients can all make a difference.

Final Additions


Another nutritional powerhouse, often listed as the #1 superfood.

The downside is they also appear on the “dirty dozen” list for pesticide residue.

Fortunately, I live near several organic blueberry farms and every season I purchase and freeze 75-100 pounds. You’ll need to do your own local research to see if you can some quality and clean berries or fruit.

I dump a good sized pile of frozen blueberries on top of the cooked concoction described above. And in case you are wondering, I prefer the frozen blueberries. Cooking them in the mix makes them mushy and extends the cooking time.


The final ingredient is organic yogurt with live cultures. This adds some protein, beneficial gut bacteria. You can also use sour creme (makes it taste like a blueberry blintz).

If you just want more protein, you can add non-fat dried milk to the mix before cooking. I have used that formula for camping and long term expeditions like my canoe trip to polar bear county in Canada. We bagged up “the mix” into daily portions. It kept us alive.