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Handmade Fine Art Jewelry by Bill Farr: Fabric Series 039F

This unique one-of-a-kind “wearable sculpture” is constructed from sterling silver, fabrics, a cultured fresh water pearl, and a metal Mexican hat.


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Product Description

This one-of-a-kind hand made jewelry is constructed from a sterling silver frame with three background fabrics mounted to an archival core.

Featured at the upper section of the pendant is a round metal Mexican hat.

The bottom section is adorned with a lovely free form cultured fresh water pearl.

Size is approximately 4 7/8 x 1 3/8 inches.

This “wearable sculpture” has a comfortable fabric back, is lightweight, and a joy to wear!

Accommodates necklace or neck ring. Use your own or choose a necklace in the Jewelry Accessories Section.

  • Click on product image above for a slideshow of this artwork.
  • Click on the tabs for additional information about the artwork and the artist.

Bonus… along with your handmade jewelry, we will include a copy of the artist’s sketch that was made for his personal records and to show the materials used. It’s an interesting “reference sheet” and “certificate of authenticity” for you.

Important… it’s not possible ensure exact color accuracy or show detail and textures perfectly with today’s web technology. Silver, which is a frequently used component in these pieces, is particularly difficult to render correctly. That said, most of the images will be close to the original on a decent monitor or tablet, but we can’t guarantee an exact match. What we can guarantee is that the “real thing” far exceeds the digital representation. And perhaps that’s a good thing, because if you like what you see here, you are going to be completely wowed by the actual piece of wearable sculpture!


Although you can purchase most of Bill Farr’s wearable sculptures without a necklace, a high-quality sterling silver snake necklace or neck ring is the perfect addition to your wearable artwork. These are available in the jewelry accessories section.

About the “Fabric” Jewelry

All of the “F” series wearable sculptures utilize fabric as a base material. It has a few advantages and it is one of the elements that makes Bill’s fabric-based wearable sculptures highly unique.

The primary advantage, of course, is artistic freedom. Fabric opens up a large universe of color, patterns, and textures. It is also light weight which makes for comfortable wearing and allows a larger “canvas” to be used.

Each fabric jewelry piece begins with a sterling silver frame. Fabric is then mounted on an archival core, treated with a protective coating, and fit into the frame. Other elements are subsequently added to the artwork to complete the jewelry and create a stunning design.

Note that every piece of Bill Farr jewelry is handmade and represents an artistic journey. There are no pre-made plans, molds, or forms. The final artwork reveals itself as it is being made and no two “journeys” are alike. This process makes each work highly unique and never to be duplicated.

Each piece of handmade silver and fabric jewelry will be delivered to you in a gift-quality box. The jewelry itself will be enclosed in a reusable tarnish resistant paper pouch.

About the pricing and Availability

Please note that availability is extremely limited. Bill Farr’s wearable sculptures are unique one-of-a-kind items never to be duplicated again. When you acquire one of these pieces, you will have the only one. And since the wearable sculpture series itself is extremely limited, you will be one of the very few on the planet to have any of the pieces in the series.

Bill Farr’s original wearable sculptures have sold for $900 and up. Because the fabric series is new and not quite as time consuming and costly to produce as his earlier pieces, they have been favorably priced.

The current pricing, however, can’t, and won’t, last. When you consider the lifetime of artistic experience, the time and materials that are invested in each piece, it is quite apparent they are undervalued at the current price levels. We will, therefor, be raising the prices as the series sells out.

Bottom line… if you’re truly interested in one of these wearable sculptures, the best advice would be to act now while the item is still available. There will never be another one like it and the price will never be lower than it is today.

Resale of items shown but not available in the store

As noted above, all of the Bill Farr items are one of a kind, so once a piece is acquired, it’s gone, and probably gone for good. We do, however, facilitate a secondary market. So if you wish to buy a piece that is no longer available from us, let us know, and we will attempt to contact (no guarantees) the last known owner with your offer. Likewise, if you’re interested in reselling a piece you acquired from us, we will offer it in the store on a consignment basis.

Bill-Farr-081103-016-300About Bill Farr
Bill Farr has had a long career in both commercial and fine art.
Born in 1923, he began drawing at age 8 with a supply of spare newsprint given to him by a local printer. Those were depression days and materials were hard to come by.

At the ripe young age of 10, Bill upgraded his tools with an oil painting kit he purchased with money earned by selling magazine subscriptions.

Paintings at the time included Holiday greeting cards he sold door-to-door in his neighborhood.

Bill continued to develop his art abilities throughout high school. He also worked at some art-related jobs including painting billboards for the 1939 Worlds Fair, working for a jeweler, and the job that would change everything… designing and cutting stencils for cosmetic and cigarette cases.

Coming from a family that had struggled through the depression, Bill had no thoughts of be able to go to college. Bill’s boss, however, noticed his talent and told him about The Cooper Union which specializes in art and architecture. The Cooper Union ~ rich or poor ~ is free if you can get in, and the only way you can get in is by demonstrating ability.

Bill passed a battery of tests, was accepted, and attended night school until World War 2 interrupted his studies. He was sent to Italy and assigned to the ?? Photo Recon.

After the war he married his current wife Barbara Storm Farr and finished his 2-year degree at The Cooper Union. Since The Cooper Union did not have a 4-year degree at the time, Bill continued his studies and received his BFA from the Art Institute in Chicago.

In 1955, Bill took a job at that era’s retailing giant Montgomery Ward. His career at Wards would span 30 years and take to the top design spot as corporate design director managing a creative staff of ?? people.

During this time, Bill did not ignore the fine arts. He was very active creating freestanding sculptures and sculptural pieces that are hung on a wall.

Since retirement from Wards in 1985, Bill has continued to produce fine art, and in the more recent years, has concentrated on the jewelry you see in this store.

Handmade Fine Art Jewelry by Bill Farr

Wearable Sculpture by Bill Farr
Wearable Sculpture by Bill Farr

Even a quick look at the wearable creations of Bill Farr will tell you they are very unique items. Each is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted work of art in materials that include sterling silver, exotic woods, stones, gems, fabric, “found objects,” and more. What you won’t find here is a piece that exists solely because of the value of the materials.

Let me explain…

Jewelry, in many cases, tends to be evaluated by the cost of materials… how big and expensive the “rock” is in the setting, or how many gems are encrusted in some precious metal, rather than the level of artistic design.

Artistic design, however, is where the true value of art lies.

For example, a great painting that sells for millions has very little “materials value.” The dried paint, in fact, has almost no value since it can’t be reused. The entire value a great painting is in the artistry… the intangible insights it gives us, and the way it makes us feel.

The jewelry of Bill Farr is very much the same way.

Which is why we like to call it “wearable sculpture.”

Yes, some of the materials used ~ silver, stones, pearls, etc. ~ have significant value. But like any fine work of art, the real value is how they are used in the design of the artwork and the creative journey that resulted in the final piece.

And the creative process used is an important part of the “back story” on these pieces.

Bill Farr has a long history of creating fine art, including full-sized sculptures which you can see in his sculpture gallery. The handmade fine art jewelry ~ aka “wearable sculptures” ~ you see on this site are an extension and miniaturization of that sculptural process.

A Dual Function

You can wear these works of art.

And if you are able to acquire and wear one of these pieces, be prepared to attract some attention and receive lots of compliments.

This, by the way, has been thoroughly tested… wearing a piece of Bill Farr jewelry opens up conversations, spreads enthusiasm, and displays the love of life that is a part of every Bill Farr wearable sculpture.

But also keep in mind that these are museum-quality pieces and you may want to display them in a shadowbox hung on the wall or on a shelf when not in wearable use.

More Resources

Learn more about Bill Farr and see more art at artbyfarr.com.

Explore the book on Bill’s World War 2 experiences.


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