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How to make fine art jewelry

Learn to create you own stunning works of wearable art like the Bill Farr Jewelry shown on this site with this how to book.


Learn how to make fine art jewelry using silver, fabric, and other materials

If creating stunning and unique works of jewelry — as shown on the cover example above — interests you, this book will show you how.

Let author and artist Bill Farr take you step-by-step through both the technical and creative aspects that goes into each silver wire and fabric-based “wearable sculpture” he creates.

You will find the techniques easy to learn, unlimited in creative potential, and inexpensive to implement.

Why silver wire and fabric?

Bill has been creating high end wearable art using a variety of materials for many years, however, a recent “discovery” led him to experiment with using fabric as a base material and silver wire as a frame.

There are advantages.

One advantage is the ability to make larger jewelry pieces (more room to create!) that are still light enough to wear comfortably.

Fabric also provides a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. The creative possibilities are exciting and truly endless.

You’ll learn a “system” of producing unique, original, high-value wearable art

As you will see, the basic system of producing silver wire and fabric-based jewelry remains consistent and repeatable.

It’s good to have a solid foundation to work from. However, as you will see from the many examples in this book, the final results are highly unique. This is a system that is designed to stimulate creativity and produce unique results rather than repeatable “sameness.”

An easy way of working

Rest assured you do not need any previous art or jewelry making experience or skills to get started making stunning designs that will turn heads anywhere you go.

Unlike many jewelry making methods, you do not need to use complicated techniques to produce this type of jewelry. You will find the author’s way of working is easy, fun, and focused on creative exploration.

You won’t need an arsenal of expensive tools, either. A few basic items will get you started and all the resources you need are detailed in the book.

High value, low cost

Producing high end jewelry can be expensive if the primary focus is on materials like precious gems and metals. Those materials can also be difficult to work with requiring a lot specialized training and a hefty investment in tools.

But you don’t need those kinds of materials, methods, and equipment to produce high-value wearable art with the methods you will learn in this book.

Creative expression always trumps the value of materials, which is why a painting made with a few bucks worth of paint can sell for millions.

Like a painting, producing silver wire and fabric based jewelry is relatively inexpensive and the author will show you how he uses “common” and found objects, often obtained for free, to create valuable works of art. If you’re skeptical, the proof is in pictures. See the examples in the book and judge for yourself.

Get started now!

A lifetime of creative adventure awaits you when learn the simple techniques and concepts presented in How to make fine art jewelry using fabric, found objects, and other materials.

And whether you create for personal use or business, you’ll find that the silver wire and fabric jewelry you’ll make is great for attracting attention, generating compliments, and starting conversations.

Get the book, get started, enjoy!


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