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Image JF070

Photography by Jeff Farr




Images are available in a variety of sizes and print media. The following guidelines and descriptions will help you choose.


“Media” refers to the material the image is printed on. There are three options…

  • Aluminum — this is a rigid .045 inch thick sheet of metal. It’s very durable and has a vibrant look.
  • Canvas — the same material that would be used for a painting and gives a classic fine art look and feel. Our canvas is 20.5 mil thick, 470gsm, fade-resistant and OBA-free
  • Paper — paper is the media used in traditional fine art print making dating back hundreds of years.

What to choose?

Paper is a great choice when you want value (lower cost) without sacrificing image quality. Properly cared for, it can last for generations. Paper also in the choice to make if you want to add your own mattes and frames. This is a great way to add your own style and creativity to a work of art and/or help match it to your decor.

Paper is also very easy to store if you’re a collector or not ready to immediately display the print.

Canvas is hard to beat for big beautiful prints with a traditional fine art look and feel. They are very long lasting and one step up the durability scale from paper. Paper images my have the longest lifespans, but they need to be framed or properly stored in order to protect them from physical damage. Canvas does not need to be framed. And because there isn’t any “glazing” (glass or acrylic) glare is eliminated, or at least greatly reduced.

Aluminum is unbeatable for durability. It’s scratch resistant, weather resistant, fade resistant, and easy to clean. Unlike paper and canvas, aluminum prints can’t be easily bent, ripped, harmed by liquids and dust, or degraded by mold and fungus. They can even be used outdoors.

The image placed on the aluminum is also done a little differently than a print on paper or canvas. Most prints on canvas or paper are created with ink jet printers that spray ink directly on the media. Aluminum prints use a process called dye sublimation where the image is first created on an intermediary sheet. It is then placed on specially coated aluminum and heat is used to vaporize the dye and infuse it into the aluminum surface.

In addition to extreme durability, the images on aluminum are extremely vibrant and sharp. They almost look like they are back-lit. Once you experience these prints, you may be “hooked” as I was. These types of prints are now my “go to” standard and our most complete range of sizes and display options.


Different sizes are available according to the media you choose…

  • Aluminum — 8×12, 11×14 “digitally matted,” 16×24, and 24×36
  • Paper — 8×12 and 24×36
  • Canvas — 24×36

Which to choose?

Your budget and display space, of course, will factor large in your choice, but one story comes to mind. It’s from a TV sales person who told me “no one has ever complained that their TV was too big.” I suppose that applies somewhat to artwork, too, and the larger sizes are really the best value. You get “the most image for your buck.”

Here is a  chart to give you a feel for the relative sizes of prints…


Prints come with a choice of surface or surface coating that greatly affects the look of the print.

  • Aluminum — matte or gloss
  • Paper — matte or gloss (luster)
  • Canvas — matte

What to choose?

The type of surface you choose will depend on the planned location and the look you prefer.

Glossy prints have the greatest perception of sharpness and saturation/vibrancy. They are also the most prone to glare and will reflect like a mirror in many locations, for example, opposite windows or other direct sources of light. Glossy finishes generally require controlled lighting to look their best and do look great in the right conditions.

Matte prints have a more relaxed look, more “depth,” and have little or no problems with glare and is our recommended “all purpose” surface.

In between matte and glossy is luster. When you order the gloss surface on a paper print you will be getting the luster finish, not a high gloss.


Display options will allow your print to arrive ready to be displayed …

  • Aluminum — options ~ easel back, magnetic, wall float, edge mount, image only ~ vary depending on size of the print.
  • Paper — framed or image only
  • Canvas — hand mounted wood stretcher

Paper prints come “loose” image only ~ so you can choose your own mats and frames locally ~ or framed. If you choose framed, your print will come assembled in a .75 inch black wood frame with lightweight acrylic glazing. Hanging hardware is also included.

Canvas prints are sprayed with a matte UV, water, and scratch-resistant coating. This enhances the look of the print, reduces glare, and creates a highly durable print that can stay vibrant for lifetime of enjoyment. Canvas prints do not need to be framed under glass or other glazing.

Our canvas prints come ready-to-hang mounted on 1.5 inch deep hand-glued wood stretcher bars. The canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars in “gallery wrap” fashion with edge printing appropriate to the image. It doesn’t need a frame, but you can add one if you like.

Mounting are brackets included on the back of the frame.

Aluminum prints come with a variety of display options depending on image size.

Both the 8×12 and 11×14 prints have an easel back option which allows you to display them on a table or other flat surface The 8×12 has a magnetic option which is will “stick” to many metal surfaces. Great for the fridge. We have the “food chain” image on ours.

All sizes can be “floated” or “edge mounted.” The wall float option includes a wood mount on the back of the print that holds it ~ floats it ~ from the wall. It’s a nice “frame-less” effect.

The metal edge mount options fills in the sides of the print like a frame would, but there is no visible frame on the front of the print. For a traditional frame effect, any ready made frame from a local supplier will work. I like to use thin black aluminum frames.

Special Editions with Digital Mat

Our aluminum prints come in a special 11×14 edition featuring a digital mat as you can see in the example on this page. It’s like getting a free mat, only better, because it is part of the super-durable aluminum print and won’t degrade like some paper mats.

These special additions feature a digital signature by the artist, and if appropriate to the image, a title just under the lower left part of the main image.

I think you will be surprised and how good and authentic these mats look! Even up close it’s hard to tell that it’s not a “real” mat.

The digitally matted prints look great as is, but adding a frame is easy and will enhance the look. Since 11×14 is a standard size, you can find pro quality, inexpensive, “ready made” frames at craft stores, art supply stores, and many places online.

A larger 16×20 size on paper is also available in an image-only version and a fully-framed ready-to-hang version…

The digital matted prints are among my favorite versions and a best value.

Important… it’s not possible ensure exact color accuracy with today’s web technology. That said, most of the images you see here will be close to the actual print when viewed on a decent monitor or tablet, however, we can’t guarantee an exact match!

We currently ship to the “lower 48” states in the U.S. If you are in a different location, let us know, and we will check into the possibilities.

Shipping costs for most items will be added to your cart based on location. Prints on Aluminum ship free to the lower 48 U.S. states.

Since many of our products are created “on demand,” please allow a few days for your order to be processed and shipped.