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“Leapfrog” your way to becoming a well paid professional “people and pet” photographer!


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If having the freedom to do what you want when you want is important to you…

If making money doing something that’s creative and fun is appealing ~ and ~

You would like to have the “how tos” laid out for you in clear, complete detail…

Enroll now in the Not Your Normal Photography Business Success Course!

I wish I had your course two years ago before I spent a small fortune on individual books from posing and lighting to matting. I was skeptical to try your NYNP course (having been burned in the past). However, your course was everything you claimed it would be, written in a sensible, readable manner and has saved me countless hours of research and frustration. — Sharon Hummel

Dear Pam and Jeff, Your course materials have motivated me to set up a small studio in my home and I am truly grateful to you two for enabling me to realize a dream that’s been dormant for 15 years! Keep up the good work!!! — Van R. Davies

Hi Jeff and Pam, Just so you guys know, I am graduating with a B.S. in Marketing this June and I am getting my certificate from NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) and your course has provided me with more helpful information on how to get started on my own than both of the others. Until next time, photographically yours, LeeAnn Kline

This is the one photo course that actually made me feel like I could do it on my own. It was well written and easy to understand, the marketing part was very surprising and phenomenal in that it was full of lots of ideas. It also inspired me. Far outweighs them all. I was a student at the NYIP but did not finish as I got too bogged down with technicalities. — Ruben Garza

So, what’s the real key to becoming a well paid, in demand “pro photographer?”

It is certainly not just knowing how to take good photographs!

The ability to take good photographs — or at least good enough to satisfy a client — is a prerequisite for being in business. Good photographic skills do not automatically allow you to be a pro. Only good business skills can make you a professional photographer. And that’s what the business materials in the Not Your Normal Photography Business Success Course are all about…

  • how to find people interested in doing business with you
  • how to convert them into paying customers ~ and ~
  • how to keep them coming back over and over (while referring their friends to you!)

“Marketing,” of course, is critical to a business, but you’ll also need some “administrative” skills — acquiring customers won’t do you much good if you can’t flow them through your business in an efficient and profitable manner!

You see, the “key” to becoming a well paid pro requires three distinct skill sets…

  • photography skills
  • marketing skills ~ and ~
  • administrative skills

Furthermore, those three skill sets must fit into a business model that supports your lifestyle.

Without the proper business set up, you can end up being dominated by your business instead of living the fun, creative, and profitable life you seek!

The reason most photography courses — including expensive college programs — fall short is because they don’t each a complete skill set. They often go way too “deep” into one particular area ~ like the technical aspects of photography ~ instead of giving you a balance of skills focused on real world, get-your-lifestyle-right, business building techniques.

So I hope you’ll take a moment and take a look at the resources Pam and I have created for you.

If you’re ready to get started in a real business with a 100+ year history of demand in the market place that’s fun and creatively rewarding, the Photography Business Success Course was custom-made for you!

You’ll learn the basics of getting established in business and you will have plenty of resources to help you grow and expand.

Special note — You may read blog and forum posts talking about how the photography market is “shrinking.” They should do more diligent research. According knowledgeable marketing research firms, professional photography is a 10 billion dollar a year industry that is projected to increase over the next 5 years and be increasingly dominated by small niche businesses… like yours!

The idea that you can’t make good money as a professional photographer is also totally bogus. It’s true that a lot of photographers struggle because they didn’t bother to find out what it takes to be successful. But rest assured there are plenty of highly-paid photographers, and room for more, in this huge, insatiable, market.

To take advantage of the photography niche, you need to get started by taking a few simple steps. And while I obviously can’t promise you instant success, if you’re willing to start the “journey,” I think you will be amazed at how far you can “travel” in a relatively short period of time. I know when I look back at my own progress, I am always amazed at how far I have come by taking a sustained series of small steps. As long as they’re the “right” steps!

By the way, the nice thing about the “Not Your Normal” type of photography business, is that you can be home-based and start part-time. Build it right, and your business can provide you with a profitable ~ my wife Pam has regularly made 3K-a-day photographing clients in our dining room “studio” ~ and controllable life.

I don’t know about you, but controllable is extremely important to me! It has been decades since I’ve had to wake up to an alarm clock and most of my activities are scheduled according to the weather… I don’t like to miss too many nice days!

And my qualifications to teach you these techniques?

Besides being able to communicate ideas effectively, I have been in various businesses since 1981. Since that year, I have supported myself entirely on my business activities and done so in a way that has given me a very free and easy lifestyle. And I have done this through multiple “recessions,” technological upheavals, personal and global financial disasters, shifting economics and consumer trends… in short, I have existed and excelled in nearly every economic “climate” you will run across and I have packed all that experience — including those subtle little things that only long term business survivors would know about — into the Photography Business Success Course.

Take a look at all you get in the Photography Business Success Course

~ so that you have “skill set #1” salable photography skills ~

The Not Your Normal Deluxe Studio Photography Course

Although being a good photographer won’t — alone — make you a business success, no amount of “marketing genius” can make up for producing a product or service that no one wants.

Therefore, your ability to create services and products that are in demand are very much a part of your “marketing.” And so is the way you treat your customers and flow them through your business service, products, and marketing all work together to achieve the best results.

That’s why ~ in the Not Your Normal Studio Photography Course ~ you’ll not only learn how to take client-pleasing photographs and create profitable session packages and products, you’ll also learn how the the entire process is focused on having fun and treating your clients well. Give them a great experience, so they will come back to you over and over ~ and ultimately ~ take care of your marketing for you by referring more clients to you!

Good business means good efficiency and included with the Deluxe Studio Course is an extensive Swipe File to make sure you are never stuck for profitable posing ideas, and a collection of Session Planning Tools so you can plan large groups of sessions easily and quickly… what you need for a smooth running business.

BlackBDPillow-072407-P-093With Pam as your guide, you’ll get a complete course on how to make clients happy with your photography.

You’ll get real world information from someone who has been very successful — and not just with a big studio that takes a lot cash and effort get going — but with small rooms in rented buildings, client homes, and in our own home studio. If you want to be “location flexible” ~ open when you want ~ and still charge nice fees, Pam will show you how she has accomplished exactly that by offering compelling photographic services that people will travel for and be on a waiting list to get.

If you haven’t already read the full descriptions, you can learn more about the Not Your Normal Studio Photography Course here and the Deluxe materials here.

There’s a lot more to tell! (the links will open in a new window)

~ so that you have “skill set #2” marketing skills ~

Introduction and Critical Concepts

Starting with the Right Ideas and Concepts — This isn’t the longest section of the course, but it’s certainly one the most important! Here you’ll learn the NYN “philosophy” and the important principles that lead to ultimate success.

Just as important — and perhaps most important — you’ll learn how to obliterate the things that hold you back. Many times people know the what to do and how to do it, but little “I can’t” perceptions keep them from getting to where they want to be.

We will smash those perceptions for you, and you’ll see how Pam and I have operated our business in some “less than ideal” conditions.

Plus, you’ll learn about the little trick we use that literally “forces” rapid progress. And we’ll even talk about how to deal with any negative psychological influences you may encounter because getting your business and lifestyle right starts with getting your “head” in the right “place.”

You’ll get a good dose of motivation, too. I’ve often said that education without motivation is worthless and we’ve had many course members thank us for the motivational “kick in the butt,” and the ongoing encouragement we provide throughout the course.

Automatic Marketing

Automatic Marketing is the essential foundation of finding people who are interested in the products and services you offer, convert them to paying customers, and ultimately to “champions” of your business who return year-after-year and refer their friends to you.

And as you might guess from the “Automatic Marketing” title, the entire process is set up as a system that runs “automatically.”

You’ll hear me talk a lot about “systems” throughout the course.

The reason is, systems are the key to getting your business running efficiently and your life style crafted the way you want. Systems that run automatically keep your business activities consistent and effective without your continued intervention. Which frees you up to do the creative and fun work!

In the Automatic Marketing part of the Business Success Course, you’ll find a complete description of the business systems that have rewarded us with a steady stream of “pre-sold” customers ~ online and off ~ not just for the photography business, but all our business endeavors. The fundamental techniques we teach are “timeless,” “technology independent” and can be used for any business. We do, of course, show how they are applied to the “Not Your Normal” style photography business and current technology.

The great thing about “automatic marketing” is that you’re constantly “collecting” customers — customers who come back to you year-after-year, and refer more people to you! This process is very important because it allows you to eventually run your business entirely on repeats and referrals. And that’s a great place to be because it goes a long way to providing you with the lifestyle you seek. But you do need to get the proverbial “ball” rolling without taking up a lot of your time, and without spending a lot of money and the Automatic Marketing part of the Business Success Course will show you how to set up systems to do that.

The Automatic Marketing part of the Business Success Course includes…

  • Automatic marketing and business fundamentals
  • 3 “offline” systems you can use — alone or together — to get clients to call you, presold, ready to schedule a session.
  • Marketing on the Internet (the “automatic way” of course!)
  • How to maximize your marketing power by integrating your online marketing systems with your offline marketing activities
  • Business building — step-by-step, take your business from “zero” to as big as you like
  • How to sell effectively when you hate “face-to-face” selling and why not selling “in person” turns out to be a better way to do business anyway
  • How to get started with little or no money… truth be known, the “free” marketing techniques are some of the most productive and easiest ways to get started!

Along with the “blueprint for success” that details the fundamental automatic marketing systems and concepts, you’ll get relevant marketing materials we’ve used to run the systems including Pam’s “panic” letter that brought in $6,000.00 worth of business in a few short days. Plus, you’ll get the InfoPak that has automatically driven our business sales for many years.

And much more

In fact, I’ve included everything we’ve used that I thought would be helpful to you. In the “exhibits” section there are 168 pages of examples along my comments (this section alone could qualify as an entire marketing course!). Learning about systems and concepts is necessary and good, but there is no better way to cement that knowledge than from examining actual examples of marketing pieces that have proved themselves in the marketplace.

Throughout the Automatic Marketing part of the Business Success Course you’ll be introduced to important business concepts and ideas, along with the core “automatic” systems.

Here’s “what else” you’ll learn…

  • The 3 deadly thoughts that will kill your business
  • Why providing what people need is a short route to disaster and what to do instead
  • The 3 conditions that must be present in your potential client before they will buy from you
  • The #1 reason businesses fail, the 4 causes of it, and how you can avoid each one
  • How to take the guess work out of the marketing process
  • How to avoid wasting your marketing money and how to concentrate it where it will do the most good
  • How to handle phone calls
  • The crazy thing we did that caused price to become a virtual non-issue and created a stampede for Pam’s services!

and much more…

Supercharged Marketing

Supercharged Marketing picks up where Automatic Marketing Manual leaves off. In the automatic marketing part of the course, you’ll get the techniques we used to get Pam’s business going keep it going on a controlled simmer. Supercharged Marketing shows you how to bring your business to a voracious boil even in tough business times and environments.

You’ll learn about buyer psychology and copy writing and you’ll take on the mind set of an advanced business person and marketer. We’ll also dive deeper into marketing on the Internet.

But the real beauty of this action guide is it’s ready-for-action toolkit approach. Each idea, each program, is broken out into digestible “chunks” for you to use as needed.

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find…

  • How to “lock up” a market so your competition has almost no chance to compete with you
  • How to find your total market (it’s bigger than you may think, so why leave “money on the table?”)
  • How to get the maximum value from each one of your clients (again, why leave money on the table?)
  • The online marketing mistake almost every photographer makes
  • How to create a market you can have all to yourself
  • 17 ways to separate yourself from your competition
  • How to make sure your marketing doesn’t get “out of whack” when you’re “not looking”
  • How to zero-in on what’s working and dump what’s not
  • The 13 triggers that cause people to act — the further you stray from these, the harder your marketing job will be
  • The 3 reasons people don’t buy (and what you can do about it)
  • The two types of buyers — they’re opposites, but here’s how to reach both of them at the same time!
  • How to break down the “iron-shield” that surrounds your potential customers and keeps them from hearing your marketing message
  • How to reduce session cancellations and what to do if someone does cancel a session
  • How to write copy that sells
  • The biggest mistake most businesses make in their marketing materials — you’ll want to get this right — it can increase response as much as 300%!
  • How to get people to buy now
  • Most business cards are worthless — here’s how to turn yours into a client-grabber
  • Why most brochures are a useless waste and what you should do instead (it’s usually cheaper this way anyway)
  • 8 common marketing mistakes you should always watch out for — so you can avoid them!
  • The right way to use printed ads
  • The proper way to write a press release and get free publicity
  • How to get other businesses to help you promote yours
  • How to stay “on top” once you get there
  • How to smooth out “Seasonality”
  • How to stop the one person who will try to derail your sale almost every time…

…just a small sampling — the Supercharged Manual is fully packed with savvy marketing and business know-how — all presented in small digestible “chunks” so you can refer to, and use them, as needed.

~ so that you have “skill set #3” administrative skills ~

N.Y.N.B.A. (Not Your Normal Business Administration)

All businesses need to be structured, managed, and controlled.

These activities range from deciding which “legal entity” to use to managing client records to making sure your growth is controlled (from personal experience I can tell you that growing too fast can be as bad as not growing fast enough!).

In the NYNBA part of the Business Success Course, you’ll get the practical information you need to set up, run, and control your business.

We cover the legal and organizational issues that most new business owners have questions about. And we do it in a straight forward manner. As you will see, setting up a business is really very quick and easy… much easier than most people new to business expect. There is just no reason to get hung up on set up issues!

In addition to the set up issues, you will learn about the more important issues of making the “administrative” part of your business as efficient as possible. Administration is probably everyone’s least favorite part of business, so you might as well make it as easy as possible.

But the biggest issue of all is control. An out-of-control business will dominate your life instead enabling a lifestyle you want.

~ Special Bonus #1 ~

Internet Marketing Specialty Courses
(previously sold separately for $397)

Both the Automatic Marketing Manual and Supercharged Manual cover online marketing systems, but the specialty courses will take you deeper into…

  • Web Site Building, including an extensive video tutorial on using WordPress
  • Marketing with e-mail, the ultimate “automatic gold” marketing machine
  • Search Engine Marketing, free traffic is good!
  • and more

The specialty courses are an extensively upgraded version of a guide to Internet marketing for local businesses that was previously sold for $397. It may once again be offered as a separate course and cease to be a free bonus, but at the moment it is included with the Photography Business Success Course.

Just a quick note on “internet marketing” — I have been doing it since it was a viable option and obviously still do it today. What I can tell you is that you will be “spinning your wheels” if you think the technology itself will help you market your business. It won’t, unless you apply the important concepts we teach in the Automatic Marketing Manual.

~ Special Bonus #2 ~

The business of photographing Proms the “Not You Normal” way

(aka How to make $1,000 or more in and few short hours, previously sold separately for $205.95)

It all started when the local high school kids, who hated their “normal” prom photos, asked Pam to take their photos instead. At first, we sort of did it as a favor, but over the years, it turned into a nice payday (over 1K in a few hours). And an easy one, too… since we’re independent of the school, there’s no school contracts or administrative B.S. to deal with, and the marketing requires very little work or expense if you set it up right.

The“Prom marketing course” tells the whole story. In the past, this course has been a best seller at $205.95 and we will likely once again offer it independently, but at the moment, the only way to get access to this information is with the Business Success Course. And the good news is, it’s a free bonus.

~ Special Bonus #3 ~

Not Your Normal Photography® Newsletter Archives (original subscriber value $1,309.00)

For many years — 11 to be exact — Pam and I wrote a monthly newsletter and we packed it with photo course additions, new marketing ideas, motivation, perspectives on the NYN “lifestyle,” and more. Then, for a couple of years, we sent weekly updates via e-mail.

These days, we prefer to add materials directly to the member site in the form of new courses and updates rather than with a monthly or weekly newsletter. The newsletter archives, however, still useful resource, we refer to them constantly ourselves!

So along with the Business Success Course, you’ll get full access to this valuable resource which would be over 1,000 pages if we printed it in its original “hard copy” form.

Support and Resources

I think you will find the courses complete and easy to follow. A lot of effort has gone into making it that way. Over the years, we have “filled in the gaps” and made improvements as questions came up.

But we do want to make double sure that you have all the information you need.

So, you will find several levels of support…

The first step is to search the site — there are the equivalent of over 3,000 printed pages on the site, so there’s a good chance you’ll find your answer. If not, you can fill out a support form and we will handle your question individually via e-mail, phone, or other type of consultation if necessary.

Included with your course, you’ll gain access to the best sources we’ve picked up over the years for the things you need to be in this business — supplies, outside services, “handy stuff” and where to get it. These resources alone can save you years of searching for the right sources!

Certificate of Completion

You’ve earned it… show it to the world!

The completion of the Photography Business Success Course entitles you to the NYN school official certificate. This great looking certificate is ready to hang and show the world that you’ve studied and completed the business success course.

Your course is fantastic. I am a traditionally trained photographer with almost 20 years experience. Pam’s style of non-traditional photography methods and your marketing genius have been a life saving breath of fresh air for my career. Thank you for making it all available for a reasonable fee! — Mark A. Bass

Pam and I have been teaching and helping photographers get started in the business of photography since 1997. We know how to teach clearly — we know where the pitfalls are — and we know what questions you will have. Pam, in fact, has kept a file with every question and every problem we, or our course members, have run into. We’ve used this to continually update and improve the courses based on the real experiences of our students. So, at this point, what you’re getting is actually the collective wisdom of a few thousand photographers all focused on one thing — living a fun, creative, and profitable lifestyle making money with their cameras.

To Summarize…

You’re getting a very complete home study course on how to start, run, and grow a people and pet photography business from home, on location, or in a dedicated studio if you have one. It’s appropriate regardless of your level of experience… if you’re a “know nothing yet” newbie, we will take you from that beginning stage step-by-step. If you’re and “old pro,” well, we’ve taught quite a few of you some “new tricks.”

All materials are delivered online. You will get immediate access when you enroll and you can judge for yourself ~ at no risk to you (see our guarantee) ~ if the Photography Business Success Home Study Program is right for you…

  • The Not Your Normal Photography Studio Course — learn to take client-pleasing and profitable photos at home, on location, or in a “real studio”… conduct a “virtual photo session” so you will be a “pro” before you even take your first picture… learn how to put together sessions packages that make your clients say “Wow” and refer more clients to you… digital workflow and printing, and much, much, more
  • Swipe Files, Session Planning Tools, and Image Editing Course — be instantly productive and never at a loss for just the right pose. The Swipe Files have thousands of photos arranged for easy access. Use the session planning tools for fast session planning and to keep your sessions running smooth. Over 100 image editing tutorials to help you tweak your images and create new salable products for your clients… reprints and other “backend sales” are a good thing!
  • The Automatic Marketing Coursel — learn how to set up a marketing system that automatically delivers pre-sold clients to you online and off!
  • The Supercharged Marketing Course — boost your business and marketing knowledge with advanced marketing ideas
  • N.Y.N.B.A. (Not Your Normal Business Administration) — Essential tips on running and controlling your business
  • Bonus Online Marketing Courses — including SEO, marketing with e-mail, web site creation, and much more
  • Bonus Photography Course — The business of photographing Proms and other special events
  • The Newsletter Archives — over 1,000 pages (printed equivalent) of photography and marketing tips, tricks, and new ideas ~ plus ~ plenty of inspiration and motivation… an essential ingredient for success.
  • Resource Guides — save time and money
  • Support — we are here if you need us!
  • Certificates of Completion — each course in the “collection” includes a suitable-for-framing certificate of completion

What is all of this worth?

Here’s why we should charge at least $20,000 (but won’t) ~ there’s a story about that! ~ and why we don’t give it away for free, which would be a “nice” thing to do…

First off, I know a lot of people will jump down here right away to see what the cost is. I do that for a lot of things, too, but if that’s you, I encourage you to go back and read this letter. I know it’s long, but it’s important for you to know what we are offering so you can evaluate whether this program is right for you.

Now, here’s the “$20,000” story… I had an interesting phone call a while back. It was from someone who had just completed a semester at a well known 4-6 year photography school. He was complaining that he had just spent $20,000 “learning how to photograph a soup can,” didn’t learn anything about being in business, and had to wait until future years to learn the “good stuff.”

I understand this person’s frustration.

But seriously, if you can afford the time and money to go to a high end photography school ~ about $196,000 and six years to get a MFA at the Brooks Institute, for example ~ I would say go for it. You’re going to have a lot fun and come out of the program knowing a lot about photography. You probably won’t get the business skills you need to recoup your $196,000, but those cad be learned after graduation from art school.

So that is one way to get at least part of the education you need to get started. It’s just a little slow and expensive.

Also on the expensive side of things is buying a franchise… last time I checked, costs ranged from $45,000 for a kids photography business to $264,950 up front plus $358 a month for Glamor Shots.

The good news is, with a franchise, you’ll get a system which (hopefully) has the bugs worked out of it and gives you support. But you also be locked into their way of doing things and you’ll be at risk to market changes that are adverse to the franchise. Personally, I prefer to stay a bit more “flexible,” but some people are very successful buying a franchise.

You can, of course, “go it alone” and try to figure everything out for yourself. There is certainly a lot of info scattered throughout the internet ~ some good, some not ~ and you might get lucky, find out what you need to know, and get everything right. But chances are, you will waste a lot of time, make mistakes that could have been avoided, and possibly never get to where you want to be. This can make “going it alone” the most expensive option of all.

The other way, which is “our way,” is to purchase a home study course. I personally purchase a lot of information. Some of it is a waste of money, but on the whole, you get the most “bang for your buck” that way. Saying that I spent “thousands to make millions” would be accurate… it’s just faster and more efficient to buy someone’s “wisdom,” and adapt to your own needs, than starting from “scratch.”

You do, however, need to be self-motivated enough to consume, adapt, and implement the information. Some people have difficulties doing that. In my years of teaching via home study courses (since 1997), I can tell you that staying “on track” is one of the biggest causes for non success. That’s why we’ve built a lot of “can do” “motivation” into what we teach. Our “testimonials” tell a lot of that story. We can’t do it for you, but we can do our level best to inspire you to greatness.

About giving the full courses away for free… we’ve tried it. There was a time when we gave away quite a few free courses to people who had good “hard luck” stories or reasons why we should “give them a chance.” Unfortunately, I can only think of one instance where that worked out and it was a special circumstance with someone in Africa. I have learned the hard way that it is very difficult to help someone effectively for free… even good friends, because they have to be more committed than that; they need some “skin” in the game.

So how much “commitment” and “skin” are we asking from you?

When we began offering the Not Your Normal School of Photography Business Course in 1997, the cost for the was $997 and it was only a small fraction of what it is today. So logically, we should be charging a few multiples of that. Five times ~ $4,985 ~ would be reasonable. But we are talking about “commitment” and “skin” and $997 seems to be a good number. It’s affordable ~ even more so with our 12 month payment option ~ but enough to weed out the non-doers. This tuition level also keeps our customer satisfaction high and our refunds near zilch, because only the most serious people enroll.

So will you join us? The trick to getting where you want to be is to get started on the right path the easiest and fastest and way possible. Time is of the essence, and each minute you wait pushes your ultimate goals further into the future.

If you think about the time it would take you to figure out even a tiny fraction of what we teach in our course (if you could even do it), I think you’ll agree that what we are asking is a very small price to pay, and in any case, you are protected by our no risk guarantee

You can try out the Business Success Course at no risk to you — we want you to be completely thrilled with your course and have it be right for you. If within 30 days, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the materials — if they haven’t changed your life for the better — just let us know, and you’ll get a full refund, no hassle, no questions asked.

Pam and I look forward to your enrollment!

Photographically yours,

Pam and Jeff Farr, co-founders and directors
Not Your Normal School of Photography

Here is what will happen when you click on the big orange button…

  1. You will be taken to a secure enrollment form where you can choose a payment option and complete your enrollment. You can choose to pay in 12 monthly installments of $97 ($1,164 total) or save $167 by paying $997 in full.
  2. You will be automatically logged into our web site for immediate access with details on how to access the course materials and get started. Your log in credentials will be e-mailed to you.
  3. Get started!… you will have access to a wealth of information and personal help from us if you need it….

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