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Photo Studio Course Deluxe

Get Enhanced Productivity Tools, Advanced Posting Tips and Ideas, Digital Editing Tutorials, and More…

Enroll in the Studio Photography Course Deluxe Version and you’ll get additional resources to help you plan and conduct sessions, plus you’ll get extended lessons on posing, image editing, and more.

Special noteThe deluxe version includes the entire Not Your Normal Studio Course as described here.

I’m having so much fun with the Swipe File examples — my customers love the unique poses! If the course was nothing more than the Swipe Files, it would still be worth the money. — Thanks again, Sherry Dickson

In the Not You Normal Studio Photography Course, you’ll get enough poses and information to get you started doing sessions on a professional level. The Deluxe Edition extends what you’ve learned by giving you tools that will help you conduct sessions efficiently. This especially important if you have a lot of sessions to do.

Unlike a typical “course” the materials in the Deluxe Edition are a working reference you will use over and over. The Swipe Files will help make sure you never run short of ideas, and the Planning Tools will help you create and conduct blocks of photo sessions quickly and easily.

The Swipe Files are a lifesaver… saves me from having to rack my brain for new and different poses. I’m glad I paid extra for the upgrade course. — Ruth Nichols

Dear Jeff and Pam, I have been using “Not Your Normal” poses in my photography business for the last 2 years. Kids especially enjoy simple props that let them have fun while having their picture taken. Most adults I’ve photographed also laugh a lot and appear much more relaxed in their poses. When I started my business I looked at many online schools and ways to conduct a business. I am so glad I found “Not Your Normal School of Photography” and the advanced course including all of the marketing information and, of course, the swipe files — Thanks, Becky Klingenberger

 Session Planning Tools

Successful sessions begin with proper planning and the Swipe Files combined with the planning tools make session planning a breeze — just mix and match poses to get what you need to build your session. The Swipe Files, in combination with the specially-designed session sheets, is how Pam creates and conducts her own customized sessions.

Since each family, group, and individual is a little different, ideally, each session should be customized for each situation. Unfortunately, without a good working system for creating and conducting sessions, you can suffer from “session sameness” and/or you will be spending a lot more time than you should preparing for sessions and you may have trouble keeping your sessions moving along as they should.

If you’re familiar with Pam’s “session blocks,” you know that she likes to do many sessions in relatively short periods of time. This requires a very good system for “session management” — one that can efficiently give high quality and personal attention to the people and pets being photographed.

The Swipe Files and the Session Planning Tools were designed to do this, and they form a complete system.

Special note — The Session Planning Sheets and Swipe Files also make it easy to make last-minute or “in-session” changes in your plans, if needed. While it’s good to have a plan beforehand, it’s also good to have the resources and ability to quickly change it if circumstances dictate! The Session Planning Sheets and Swipe Files can be a session saver if things don’t go as expected.

I have been shooting for 33 years. The Swipe file is COOL. Like I said, I have been shooting for a little while now and I get stuck on poses sometimes. Yours are relaxed and cool. Perfect compliment to the stuff I do >>>> ADDS MORE VARIETY >>>>COOL…Thanks for being out there… George Gray

The Swipe Files

The Swipe Files have several “components” and they are useful in many ways.

First and foremost, they’re packed with thousands of poses and include just about every situation you might run across — family with 2 kids and a dog, adult couple, baby with grandparent, kids with hamsters… the Swipe Files are very extensive (complete descriptions below) and they will help you with just about any combination of people and pets you’ll run into.

Doing a session of a family of three with a dog? No problem, just go to the Swipe Files for ideas!

The Swipe Files are a huge online referencean “encyclopedia” of Not Your Normal poses — each one shown and described in detail, ready for you to “swipe.” And when appropriate, Pam will even tell you what to say to the people being photographed along with any little “tricks” you’ll need to know about a particular pose or group of poses.

Important — the Swipe Files are much more than just a huge collection of photos. They are part of a system of finding poses and planning sessions. A lot of time, thought, and working pro experience went into how the files are organized. For example, you can use the fast-find header system to quickly locate the poses you need...

or you can use table of contents system that links to all of the swipe categories, along with additional instructions and articles…

Dear Pam and Jeff, This year, I retired from the California Highway Patrol after 30 years of service. I was looking to do something during my retirement years that I really enjoy and something which would supplement my fixed income. The Swipe Files, the marketing courses and the newsletter. Those are the things that have helped me most. I’ve been asked, “Where did you come up with that great pose?“ I show them Pam’s swipe file. And as they look through the file, I am sometimes asked, “Can we try that one too.” My usual response is, “Sure, that one only costs $700!” … only kidding! — Sincerely, Richard Nickoloff

Handy Session Posing Guides

Sometimes the easiest way to get people into the pose you want is to show them.

As it turns out, the Swipe Files are perfect for this task, too.

We actually learned this trick from a 10-year-old student of ours. First, she used the Swipe Files to plan her sessions. Then she clipped the appropriate printed pages together in the order she wanted. She conducted her sessions by showing the people the poses she was looking for. This kept her in control of the session and made up for any communication problems that may have occurred. It all worked very well and you don’t have to be 10 years old to take advantage of this technique!

Though we already had the creative ability, we needed the key to unlock our potential. The most help has come from the Swipe Files. We continually reference them. Kelly goes to them directly each time we do a session. We often use them by showing the client how we want the pose to look. This is especially helpful until we have a photo of each pose.
— Chris and Kelly McMurray

I just turned 70 years young and I credit your course and your untiring efforts to make me successful in spite of my many “Senior moments” (those of you who are retired know what I mean!). I use my daughter to set up all the poses using the Swipe Files. I only have to concentrate on the photography. As this is my first time doing family sessions, I depend on the course material to guarantee success. I know when I make a successful session because every time I finish the mom walks up to myself or my daughter and say’s “what a great time we had” and gives each of us a HUG. This happens every time, too! We have learned to interact with our clients during the sessions. Anyhow, I just don’t have time to “be old” anymore and even my wife of 50 years is amazed at my increased energy. — Jerry James

And yes, it’s an advanced photography course, too!

Besides being a day-to-day working tool, the Swipe Files are a full-blown advanced photo course. You’ll get tons of new ideas and insights you can use right away just from flipping through the files once or twice ~ plus ~ you’ll find additional tips, how-tos, explanations of poses, special notes, quick reminders, and verbal pointers throughout the Swipe Files — all designed to help you with a particular situation or to further advance your skills.

Hi Pam and Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how much I like your course. The “swipe” files are just what I need for inspiration, but the “general information” sheets make it absolutely TOP NOTCH! I have more confidence in my work thanks to you folks. Again great work. — Ed Contempo

The Swipe Files are accessed in 6 online volumes…

The online Swipe Files function very similar to an offline book. You can flip through the pages by clicking on the page corners, use the Table of Contents to find the poses you want (it’s all linked), and of course, you can print the pages you need for your sessions.

The Swipe Files currently come in 6 volumes, contain a few thousand photo examples, and like the “living and breathing” photography courses, we continue to add to them.

The “Swipe Files” gave me the confidence to try. I was blown away when I received the materials and saw Pam’s photography. I never considered doing portraits until I saw your course. Now I love it. The completeness of the information and the get right to it information has allowed me to jump right in. — Sherry Huffman

Babies and Toddlers

Hundreds of photo examples including…

Babies not able to sit up — babies in the “blob” stage present an interesting posing problem and in this section you will learn how to compensate and bring out the best in this age group. You’ll find many great posing ideas, plus inexpensive, or easy to make, props that work especially well for this young age group.

Babies and toddlers who can sit up, crawl, or walk — once children can sit up and move, it opens up more posing opportunities which you will find in this section of the Swipe Files. You’ll also learn an essential skill when working with this age group — how to deal with a “moving target!” — you’ll learn how to keep those frisky toddlers in one place long enough to get the shot and happy enough to have them look good!

Mentioned throughout the sections are special notes, reminders, and tips on how to solve the unique problems of photographing very young childrenknowing a pose won’t do you much good without knowing the people handling skills that go with it!

The Babies and Toddlers Swipe File includes babies and toddlers individually as well as with adults or siblings or with props. You’ll find a wealth of poses to help you get off to a good start documenting a person’s life. If you’re in businesses, these early sessions often leads to a series of “milestone” photo sessions and full-blown family sessions! Done right, client for life!

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!


Over a thousand photo examples including…

Adult Couples (2 people)

Families (2 or more people)

Since “families” is a BIG subject, this is one of the larger Swipe Files with over 1,000 photo examples all categorized for easy selection and session building.

You’ll discover hundreds of “floor” poses with no props or other posing aids required (a nice benefit if you’re just starting out!). Floor poses are a great way to “loosen up” your subjects, and Pam often starts a session with them.

Adding a simple bench or stools to your set up is an extremely inexpensive (you may already have what you need!) and easy way to extend your posing capabilities and you will find hundreds more examples using these simple posing tools.

You will also see how to build complex poses involving large groups and how to work in a “modular” fashion for the greatest speed and flexibility.

In the Adult Couples section you will find what you need for this under served group.

Parents like to get photographs of the kids, pets, and the whole family, but often don’t think of being photographed themselves. Many times they are reluctant and need some encouragement which Pam has always provided, and in the end, the result is much appreciated. In any case, requested or by encouragement, with the poses in the Adult Couples section, you’ll be ready to get the shot!

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!


Hundreds of photo examples including…

Individual Child

Individual Teen

Individual Adult

From fun Not Your Normal poses to classic “head shots” you’ll find a complete collection of poses focused on a single person.

Most don’t require any props (you will find prop poses and ideas in the Props Swipe File), however, props or simple posing items such as a small table or stools can be easily added to extend your posing capabilities or to highlight someone’s personal interest (more on this in the Props Swipe File).

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!


Hundreds of photo examples…

While the posing in the other Swipe Files is mostly “prop free” (although you can easily add them) this Swipe File is props galore.

You’ll learn about different prop types and where to find dozens of inexpensive props (you may already own some of these!). And of course you’ll see how to use them to add interest to your photos!

The Props Swipe File includes both “Regular” props and “Accent/Accessory” props and discusses the importance of each type.

You also get a good dose of Pam’s “Last Shot” which is sort a “fun” shot at the end of a session. The clients love it, so be sure to check the last shot section of the Props Swipe File.

You’ll also find ideas for displaying and organizing your Accent/Accessory props so your studio will have an attractive professional look!

Props are a great way add interest and variety. Of special consideration are client-supplied props — props that may have special significance like an heirloom, musical instrument, craft, sports equipment… there are many possibilities. Pam always likes to ask and encourage clients to bring a prop of this nature. As a photographer it is your job to association the object — prop — in a way that conveys meaning and the Props Swipe File will help you do that.

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!


Hundreds of photo examples including…

Pets Alone

Pets With Pets

Pets With People

Never underestimate the importance of the family pets! Many photographers don’t know how to and/or don’t want to deal with animals and this leaves a lot of room for you to carve out a unique niche for yourself if you’re in business.

It is rare that you can actually “pose” a pet like you can a person, although some animals are pretty cooperative. Most, however, are not, and you will need to use various props or accessory items to help keep those frisky pets in place long enough for the shot!

You will find those items in the Pets Swipe File along with poses of “just pets” and animals with their owners.

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!

Seasonal and Special Occasion

Hundreds of photo examples including…



Special Occasion

A lot of family photography revolves around holidays and seasonal events. If you’re in business, you will want to pay attention to “seasonality” and give the Seasonal Swipe File a workout.

From falling leaves to Easter, you will find plenty of seasonal ideas to choose from whether it’s for one person, a pet or for the whole family.

As with all the Swipe Files, general information is supplied for poses as well as additional helpful information throughout that includes tips, reminders, how-tos, and verbal pointers — each Swipe File is an advanced photo course as well as a working resource!

One of the most exciting aspects of the course is the Swipe File. The people really love the “NYN” style of photography as opposed to the cookie cutter studio poses. The swipe file alone is worth the price of the course! — Skip Yetter

A “timeless” approach

Keep in mind all the photos in the Swipe Files are proven poses Pam and our students have used over and over again and keep clients coming back — this type of posing system never gets old, stale, or dated because it is designed to highlight and bring forward the natural beauty in people and pets, not the “cleverness” or “trendyness” of the pose. And that approach has proved to be truly “timeless.”

The volumes of photos in the Swipe Files really bring out the best in people. — Donald Reed

The posing guides and “Swipe Files” are worth the price of the course alone. No one has anything as good as these guides. — Earl Fritz

Digital Editing and Other Extended Techniques

First off, rest assured you do not need Photoshop or anything “digital” to create studio quality photography — photographers created great studio quality photographs long before digital!

Digital editing, however, does open up a wonderful world of extended capabilities and you will find an entire section dedicated to these techniques  ~ over 100 video tutorials ~ included with the Deluxe Edition.

These aren’t your “normal” Photoshop tutorials either. They are much more useful because you can use them to create additional products for yourself or clients.

You’ll find everything from how to swap backgrounds to 3D effects.


There’s even a mini course on how to make a zombie including downloadable “zombie skin” you can use (yes, that’s a zombified Pam and Jeff!)…

Pam & Jeff — Your tip on Face Glow is outstanding! I have used [digital editing] Lighting Effects in the past but never like this. I added a couple images with Face Glow to some Portraits I was working on. The people were amazed, surprised and loved the extra photos. Their comments were something like “How did you do that?” Keep up the good work and give us some more neat tips like this. — Bill Gatheridge

Photographer Profiles

Pam has been doing a series exploring the work of photographers that would be of interest to studio style people and pet photographers. This is an ongoing project and an extension of the Swipe Files.

Choose The Deluxe Edition Now for a Special Tuition Discount off the “Upgrading Later” cost!

For many years, the ONLY way to get the additional materials in the Deluxe Edition was to purchase a professional package costing $997, and they may once again be tucked away in a professional-only package, this time costing much more than $997. But until that happens, you can get the Swipe Files, Session Planning Tools, and Image Editing Course in the Not Your Normal Deluxe Studio Photography Course. We do not offer these materials separately.

Pam and I calculated that based on Pam’s session fees, the photos in the Swipe Files, which are from real photo sessions with real paying clients, are worth over $35,000. And when you consider the tens of thousands of photos that the examples in the Swipe Files were taken from, and the time it took to organize it all, you can see that you’re getting extreme value with these resources. Think of the time you’ll save and the confidence you’ll have planning sessions.

If you want a tried and true posing system — one that will help you take the kinds of photos that make mothers cry in joy — if you want to earn the admiration of friends, and family, or clients if you are doing this as a business — if you want to feel the satisfaction of taking world class photos of people and pets, the Swipe Files and Session Planning Tools will be a very useful, perhaps indispensable, asset to you!

Subject: Whew! Dear Pam and Jeff, I am so happy to have the course. I cannot even thank you enough. I swear, there is so much crammed into every page… And the Swipe Files are gold. Kind Regards, Heather Wakefield

I did 5 sessions in two weeks, the shots turned out great. I think the Swipe File was a good investment. — Ted

The swipe sheets are worth their weight in gold. This is material I’ll refer to for many years to come. — Tom Robey

The normal cost to upgrade from the basic Not Your Normal Studio Photography Course is $397, however by enrolling in the Deluxe course now, you’ll save $197… use the enroll button bellow to get all the studio course and resources for only $497.

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